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Are you in the market for insurance but want it at a competative rate? You came to the right place. Receive quotes for car insurance, motorcycle insurance, boat insurance, PWC insurance, RV insurance, and more. Mckelvey Insurance offers fast, free agent quotes on insurance.

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Submit your request to Jim — Your quote will be sent to me your local independent agent. I will contact you within one business day to offer personalized service and advice.

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Call/Visit Jim — You can contact me direct via phone or at my. If you like the policy, you can buy in person or over the phone.

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An independent agent offers knowledgeable advice and can help make sure your coverage choices will protect you and your property.

Can you simply contact an independent agent without requesting a quote?

Of course. I am here to help make your insurance dilemas easy and worry free. I am here to help you with all of your insurance needs.